Business Loans

Business in need of cash today?

Attenborough business loans offer you a convenient way to raise an instant cash loan secured against an item of value. We can offer business loans from £10 to £50,000.

  • Poor Credit Rating? – No Problem
  • Existing Bank / Credit Card Loans? – No Problem
  • Same Day Decision – Yes (normally within an hour)
  • Administration & Setting Up Costs? – No
  • Flexibility to manage your business loan – Yes

How it works

Visit us

Simply visit our London store with the item(s) you wish to pawn along with suitable ID and proof of address. You must also be 18 or over. We will appraise your items and give you an on the spot no obligation loan offer. OR Complete the online form below to receive a FREE quotation.

Agree the amount

Agree the amount you wish to borrow, sign your loan agreement and receive your money directly by cash or by bank transfer; whichever is convenient for you.


You can repay the loan at any time within 7 months. All items are then returned to you when the loan and interest due are repaid.

Representative example

If you borrow £100 and repay over 7 months at an annual interest rate of 9.99% (fixed) then you will repay a total amount of £169.93, comprising of interest of £69.93, in a single instalment. The representative APR is 148.2%

What items can I secure a business loan with?


Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond or Gem Set


Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond or Gem Set


Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond or Gem Set


Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond or Gem Set


Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond or Gem Set


All diamond set jewellery items


All gem set jewellery items


Quality watches incl. Rolex, Omega & Cartier

Gold Coins

Sovereigns, Britannias and Collectables

Musical Instruments

Stringed, Wind, Brass, Percussion, Guitars

Identification Requirements

Recent proof of your address (such as a utility bill, bank statement, Government issued letter etc.) and a bank card, or current photographic ID (such as Passport, Driving Licence, Freedom Pass etc.) Where possible please provide both proof of address and photographic ID. Please bring originals, as photocopies cannot be accepted.

How much can I borrow?

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Why choose Attenborough’s Business Loan Service?

Many small businesses find borrowing money traditionally through banks time consuming and can often be refused the credit they need. A business loan from Attenborough provides you with a fast, hassle-free loan secured against an item of value. We have been pawnbrokers in London for over 125 years, during which time we have gained an expert knowledge of the pawnbroking industry and many satisfied customers along the way. We are licensed under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, members of the National Pawnbrokers Association and we pride ourselves on providing simple, fast, professional and private pawnbroking cash loans.

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Interest Rate Bands: Our interest rates vary from 3.5% to 9.99%

Loans From Loans Up To Monthly Interest APR %
£10 £750 9.99% 148.2%
£751 £1,500 9.50% 139.7%
£1,501 £2,500 8.99% 130.9%
£2,501 £5,000 8.50% 122.6%
£5,001 £7,500 7.99% 114.2%
£7,501 £10,000 6.99% 97.9%
£10,000 £12,000 5.50% 74.8%
£12,001 £15,000 4.50% 59.9%
£15,001 £25,000 3.99% 52.5%
£25,001 £50,000 3.50% 45.6%

Intention to Sell Letter: £2.75
Notice of Sale: £2.75
Affidavit: £10.00 (Replacement of Consumer Credit Pawn Agreement)

Representative Examples:

Key Facts

  1. Loans from £10 to £50,000
  2. All loans available for up to 7 months
  3. You only pay for the number of days you have the loan.
  4. You can reduce your loan at any time by making a Part-Payment/s – You can either call in person or we can save you the journey by accepting payment over the telephone (by prior arrangement)
  5. All loans are renewable (but we would encourage you to repay at least 10% of your loan at the same time where you are able to)
  6. We write and send you an SMS text message to remind you prior to / when your Loan Agreement expires, we will write again inviting you to either redeem your items or renew your loan agreement.
  7. All customers are automatically given an additional 30 days* past the expiry date of their Loan Agreement to either Reduce / Renew or Redeem their Pledged property. (*Statutory period is 14 days)
  8. The property you use to secure a pawnbroking loan remains your property (you retain legal title) and will not ever become the property of Attenborough Jewellers and Pawnbrokers – Should you choose not to repay your loan, we will not pursue you for the outstanding amount. After the appropriate amount of notice has been given, the property will be offered for sale. You will be entitled to any Surplus after the Loan + Interest + Selling costs have been recovered. Please note that we do not approach customers or involve debt recovery if items are sold at a deficit.

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